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I visited a friend last night who’s in the hospital. Long story short, he needs surgery on his leg. I wish we had a rave review to give, but the attending staff was less than professional. Everything his mom asked came up fruitless. Q’s: “What time is surgery? When can he return to work? What’s the aftercare? Will he get a cast?” Normal mom questions… A’s: “I mostly only deal with cancer.” And “I have no clue.” Or “Well, I assume they’ll do that. Probably, but maybe not.” After pressing, we finally got, “I’ll ask someone who knows.”


When it comes to communications, we Wordies tend to over-do it. If I say more, stronger and louder, my message will take. We’re all guilty of it. Saying too much. Adding. Even if we’re not sure… But it’s our job, right? To speak up. To advocate. To talk.

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