Quora Brings Full-Text Search To Mobile To Unlock FAQ&As For Any Keyword


Quora‘s library of knowledge has been trapped behind inadequate topic search, but now any keyword generates a list of frequently asked questions and answers about the subject thanks to today’s launch of full-text search on iOS and Android, and its web debut in March. Richer search became crucial as Quora usage is up 3X this year and it has grown to 350,000 topics, each with too many questions to browse.

Before the roll out of full-text search, Quora’s Marc Bodnick tells me “you would almost have to go off Quora” and use Google to find specific content. That’s not such a pain on the web, but one-third of Quora’s traffic comes from mobile where switching back and forth between apps is a pain. Now all of Quora’s users can search for the keyword “Winterfell” instead of the topic “Game Of Thrones”, or “engineer interview questions” instead of “recruiting”.

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